Kiowa County Criminal Case (Colorado)

Courts in Kiowa County, Colorado are judicial bodies that act to resolve legal disputes. They operate at the Federal, Colorado State, or local Kiowa County level, and many hear Kiowa County criminal cases and maintain records about those cases. These criminal case files can include felonies and misdemeanors such as homicide, sexual assault, DUIs, property crimes, drug charges, and more. They provide information about the defendant, the criminal charges brought against the individual, the outcome of the trial, and any sentences, court decrees, or probation orders. In addition to Kiowa County trial records, criminal case files often include Kiowa County police records, bond information, and the suspect's full criminal history. Kiowa County Courts may provide online access to their criminal cases.

Eads District Court Eads CO 200 East 13th Street 81036 719-438-5558

Eads Municipal Court Eads CO 110 West 13th Street 81036 719-438-5590

Kiowa County Court Eads CO 200 East 13th Street 81036 719-438-5531

Sheriff Departments in Kiowa County, Colorado provide law enforcement services, typically for a county or local area. As part of their job, Kiowa County Sheriff Departments arrest suspected criminals and investigate crimes. Sheriff records may later become part of a Kiowa County criminal case file, which can include criminal prosecutions for misdemeanors and felonies such as manslaughter, homicide, battery, sexual assault, and driving while under the influence. Criminal case files provide information on the defendant, the outcome of the Kiowa County Trial Court, and any convictions, sentences, plea bargains, or incarcerations. These case files may also include Kiowa County sheriff records introduced at trial, testimony from the sheriff's office, and sheriff investigation evidence. Criminal cases may be accessible through the Sheriff Department website.

Kiowa County Sheriffs Office Eads CO 1305 North Goff Street 81036 719-438-5411