Tangipahoa Parish Criminal Case (Louisiana)

Courts in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana are judicial bodies that act to resolve legal disputes. They operate at the Federal, Louisiana State, or local Tangipahoa Parish level, and many hear Tangipahoa Parish criminal cases and maintain records about those cases. These criminal case files can include felonies and misdemeanors such as homicide, sexual assault, DUIs, property crimes, drug charges, and more. They provide information about the defendant, the criminal charges brought against the individual, the outcome of the trial, and any sentences, court decrees, or probation orders. In addition to Tangipahoa Parish trial records, criminal case files often include Tangipahoa Parish police records, bond information, and the suspect's full criminal history. Tangipahoa Parish Courts may provide online access to their criminal cases.

Amite Justice of Peace Court Amite City LA 31906 Highway 16 70422 985-748-6231

Kentwood Justice of Peace Court Kentwood LA 583 McMillian Ln 70444 985-229-3800

Police Departments in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana are law enforcement agencies that are charged with maintaining public order in their community. As part of this job, Police Departments arrest suspected criminals and investigate criminal offenses. These Tangipahoa Parish police records become part of the criminal case file, including criminal prosecutions for misdemeanors and felonies such as battery, assault, manslaughter, homicide, driving while intoxicated, and sexual assaults. Criminal cases provide information on the defendant, the outcome of the trial, and any convictions, sentences, plea bargains, or incarcerations. Tangipahoa Parish criminal cases may also include police records introduced in Tangipahoa Parish Court cases, police testimony, and police investigation evidence. These records may be available through the Police Department website.

Amite Police Department Amite City LA 101 East Oak Street 70422 985-748-6169

Hammond Police Department / Hammond City Jail Hammond LA 303 East Thomas Street 70401 985-542-3500

Independence Police Department Independence LA North Railroad Avenue 70443 985-878-9477

Independence Police Station Independence LA 269 East Railroad Avenue 70443 985-878-4188

Kentwood Police Department Kentwood LA 308 Avenue G 70444 985-229-6305

Ponchatoula Police Department Ponchatoula LA 110 West Hickory Street 70454 985-386-6548

Roseland Police Department Roseland LA 62438 Commercial Drive 70456 985-748-9063

Southeastern Louisiana University Police Hammond LA 1301 SGA Drive 70401 985-549-2222

Tangipahoa Police Department Tangipahoa LA 12616 Jackson Street 70465 985-229-4435

Tickfaw City Police Department Tickfaw LA 14493 2nd Street 70466 985-345-4677

Tickfaw Police Department Tickfaw LA 14496 2nd Street 70466 985-345-4677

District Attorney Offices in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana prosecute suspected criminals on behalf of the public. They maintain records on their ongoing and prior Tangipahoa Parish criminal cases, and the charges range from misdemeanors to felonies, including manslaughter, homicide, robbery, grand theft auto, drug charges, and sexual assaults. Tangipahoa Parish Criminal case records provide information about the defendant and the criminal charges, as well as the case's outcome, including convictions, sentences, acquittals, settlements, plea bargains, or incarcerations. These criminal case files are an important part of a person's criminal history, and they are vital for performing a thorough Tangipahoa Parish background check. District Attorney Offices may provide criminal case information through their websites.

Tangipahoa Parish District Attorney Amite City LA 110 North Bay Street 70422 985-748-7890

Sheriff Departments in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana provide law enforcement services, typically for a county or local area. As part of their job, Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff Departments arrest suspected criminals and investigate crimes. Sheriff records may later become part of a Tangipahoa Parish criminal case file, which can include criminal prosecutions for misdemeanors and felonies such as manslaughter, homicide, battery, sexual assault, and driving while under the influence. Criminal case files provide information on the defendant, the outcome of the Tangipahoa Parish Trial Court, and any convictions, sentences, plea bargains, or incarcerations. These case files may also include Tangipahoa Parish sheriff records introduced at trial, testimony from the sheriff's office, and sheriff investigation evidence. Criminal cases may be accessible through the Sheriff Department website.

Tangipahoa Parish Sheriffs Office Amite City LA 313 East Oak Street 70422 985-748-8147

Tangipahoa Parish Sheriffs Substation Hammond LA 15475 West Club Deluxe Road 70403 985-902-2050